Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bull shit & awesome art!

Tunes- Bob Dylan- the times, they are a changing

Ok, on a art side first, the good side.
I've been doing a lot of work lately. Painting and coming up with new designs. getting ready for my feb art fair. I always do well at those. So, besides that, I've recently came up with a new series. The inked own Series. A 3 part series of three different styled owl paintings. BUT, their done differently. mixed media. Their raped paper mache canvases, and then inked with black ink. They turn out so bad ass. Take a gander

This is Archimedes!

Ok, so besides that with the art, Im gonna be on the hunt for some galleries. I sent out some resumes/portfolios to some local-ish gallery's. Also a new friend of mine, Fransico is helping me, he's gonna introduce me to some people that own a huge gallery in beverly hills!

Ok, so now for the bull shit part.
Stupidly it's to due with dumb girls.
The girl I was liking A LOT!!!! Danni, is being well a stupid girl. She's scared of me, and i think freaked out at liking me so much, so fast. She is kinda that sort of mature with physical things. A place to stay, school and work. but when it comes to her self and people, shes like a 12 year old. It really sucks, cuz i feel hard for this girl. So so sooooooooooo much! and i miss her a lot. but she'd need to grow up some to handle me.
Now that im done with her, I was hanging with this tiny girl named Jenna for a few weeks, but that ended fast, due to how i don't want to deal with a gal thats wanting her ex back. Then, Paula came back into the picture, but now she's a mess. she reminds me of Sharon, my evil ex. A tough, but really really messed up, but they think their fine, type of girl. What is it with the past few chicks ive met that have kids, are SOOO fucked up in the head?
I like this girl a lot, her names Emma. But, she's a shy and nervous thing. I donno about her, we shall see. Im not puting my eggs in one basket. Im trying to be open minded.
I've talked off and on with two gals from Seattle, to try and make buddys from there. Just so i have friends up there and since i get along with chicks so well, there's nothing there but being friends, i think.
Besides dumb girls, i found out my cousin might be sick, very sick. we're still not sure what it is. maybe leukemia, hope not!

Bah, odd week. But, we shall see how things go.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

Music- PGMG, again. Im in a mood.

God damn it, my back is killing me! ugh, this majorly sucks. soooo much. woke up in some pain and it's lame. besides that, ive been painting all day, watching Big love and talking to Danni through text....

so, she saw the posting thing i made yesterday and that lead to us talking. And it's good, she 'maybe likes me'. Gah, I feel so retarded for caring so much. I've been so anti falling for a girl for some time, but there's something special about this one. she makes me smile A LOT. Her voice makes butterfly's fourm in my tummy and whenever i see a pic of her, i want nothing more to be with her in person. Soon, very soon. Like Late January. Gah, Im looking forward to it. I'd gonna hopefully spend most of my time with her, going up to my cousin's place for a few days and looking at the job market. I just really dig her and for real have a damn good feeling about her. Besides, we talked on the phone for 4 hours last night! holy fuck, I don't talk that much on the phone typically in a week! but, it was real nice, we can talk about all sorts of things.

Im all a flutter with her, but Im also aware of what im gonna be doing this weekend, got lots to do. Bah, my prints i gonna be selling have gone up in price, so im gonna up my price for prints. and i should, there good quality! and people love them.

And after this weekend, next week im going to Ventura with the Dennmister to go x-mas shopping. also, depending on how much i make, i may get my ticket for portland/seattle. just depends.

WOO! can't wait to get out of this Hell hole know'n as so Cal. Ugh, I don't fit in here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Speakers, Push the Air

Music- Pretty Girls Make Graves

So, a fresh new blog under me. This is here for me to vent and just talk about things that're going on in my life and my art world. new ideas, new inspirations, new projects, new things.

For starts:
In the proses of getting t-shirts made. Mostly they'll be of my art work. The acrylic paintings and some water color. BUT, ah hah! I've designed some already. Their mostly graphic work, but some are taken from actual paintings and reworked, kinda cool ideas.
The list goes:
Speakers Push the Air
Tsunami Sun Blue
Robo Love Graphic

So, besides that. I have a big art show(s) coming up this weekend. a big on Saturday in Simi Valley and then another on Sunday in Ventura! So, this shall be fun.

Besides that as far as me going. I'vee been sending out resumes to business in Seattle. Got a response to a place saying they'll keep me on file, their not doing anything with what i applied for tell next year. and that's perfect too! I hope i get it, it'll ironically be to a silk screening company.

I talked to my cousin Vivan , who'd I'd be staying with and or living with when i move. and she agreed it'd be best to visit in January. so, I'll be there soon. I don't really know anyone there besides her and she's in her 50's! ( ok like 3rd cousin ). her grandson seem;s cool, maybe i can be-friend him. But, it's getting closer and closer tell I move.

I've been talking to this girl from Portland though. At first just due to that she seemed like a cool person to be-friend and honestly, I thought she was the cutest girl I've ever seen. Like physically what I like. She wears HUGE glasses and her facial features are what I wish I could wake up too. ya ya, it's lame, but she's so unbelievable pretty. And I want her glasses. She's actually really interesting. Kinda different. Thinks at a different rate and she seems kinda shy, though she talks a lot. I really dig her too. She has this dorkyness that's really attractive and awkwardness that I giggle at. She even write in a random and out spoken side. She's hard to read though. Like I think it's damn obvious that I like her. But, im confused, when you're interested in someone, you'd ask them questions about that person, right? When we talk, it's me asking her stuff. Don't get me wrong, we talk all day, she tends to text me in the morning and we'll text back and forth tell she's not busy with school or work. but, when we talk, i can't tell if she's into me. and i know gal's know real quick if they like a guy or not, they make a general assumption about it.
Im the type that worries about this dumb crap. wanting the girl to like me back the dame way. I think she does, it seems so. she talks to me a lot and sends me random pics of things she likes. I don't way over think this, due to I don't want to, why put to to much into something you're real unsure of. Im not dyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiingggggg over this, I just really dig her and think something, some how could amazingly come from this.
I donno, time will tell.

Ok, enough bitching and venting for me. Im off to make money, and do some work! Gotta help Teri out with her company and then she pays me today! joy!

Also, people check out my other blog.
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